COVID-19 Response – Follow Up 04/07/20

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying the beautiful and positive turn in our weather.  I don’t know about you, but this weather makes me excited for the multitude of outside activities and with bias, spring season baseball.  With that said, I wanted to again follow up with everyone on what we are currently thinking about in regards to the upcoming season(s).

  • We continue to follow the city’s lead and associated recommendations (shelter in place)
  • We our continuing with our suspension of in-person activities – At this time, this mainly affects our travel ball program (Mayhem) which normally would be practicing and preparing for the upcoming tournament trail
  • Our first scheduling challenge will likely be our Minor Division / Swing Player Evaluations that are scheduled to take place the week of April 27 – We are currently taking a wait and see approach, but suspect that we will need to push this event back at least 1-2 weeks (maybe longer)
  • Likely we will need to modify our overall schedule (practices and games), but will do everything in our power to provide an adequate and enjoyable season
  • Based on the possibility of an abbreviated season, we will look at any and all options that could include playing more days a week than our normally allotted 2-days a week
  • At this time, we are not expecting to hold weekend activities (excluding our Jamboree)
  • We are looking at possible changes to our league by-laws, rules and/or general baseball etiquette that would help with the transition to our possible new norm
  • Registration is open and requires no money down at this time (all new registrations added to a wait-list)
  • Discounted Early Bird pricing ends this Sunday, April 12th.

I do hope that this information sharing is of benefit to you and if there is anything we can do as a league or if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to any of the officers of myself directly using the email address below.

To conclude, I can’t stress enough that it all starts with registrations and that you must register to guarantee a spot in our program while remembering at this time that your registration requires no money down.  Once we have enough registrations and when the all clear has been given we will release registrations to an active status where you will then go back into our portal and pay.  SO PLEASE REGISTER NOW.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation and be safe.

Kyle McAninch
President MCSLBA


COVID-19 Response – Follow Up 3/26/20

As we all continue to adapt to these unusual circumstances, I wanted to share with you what we are currently thinking about as we wait out this unfamiliar and turbulent time.

As previously mentioned we continue to follow the lead of the City of Bloomington which is generally adhering to the requirements and recommendations of the State and Federal mandates and guidelines.

With that we are still hopeful that we can bring you and our community (and surrounding) youth baseball.  As most of you already know, our season starts “later” than what some of you are accustomed too especially those that are coming across the parking lot from our sister organization, BJLBA.  While I would like to say that this was foresight on our part this year, it is actually our norm since inception for a couple reasons.  First, it allows our High School players to finish up their season and not miss much of MCSLBA Spring Season activities (which sadly could be a moot point this year).  Secondly, most of you know that Indiana springs are not usually kind on the weather front so we like to hope that Mother Nature gets most of its pinned up rainfall out of its system before we actually start.

So what this all means is that we still have time to weather the storm.  So as previously mentioned the officers got together this week to discuss the situation and formulate a game plan.  Generally, these are the key points that we landed on…

  • We will continue to shutter all activities (including Travel Ball) until further notice.
  • We will continue to follow the City recommendations and mandates.
  • We will keep our calendar of events as-is at this time, but will evaluate things again in a couple weeks if not before (expected around the week on April 13th).
  • We have decided to extend the minor division “early-bird” pricing until April 12th.
  • We will continue to “wait-list” all new registrations, honoring pricing based on when you register (no payment at this time).
  • We WILL look to accommodate players and families which could mean modifying normal spring season protocol and rules.

With that, I do want to touch on the last bullet point because I think it generally speaks to our overall mission.  What this is in reference too is that our league has always tried to bring baseball to the kids in our community in a matter that provides full inclusion.  This year will be no different.  So with no current specifics in mind at this time, what we are asking is that if you (and you are between the ages of 12-18) want to play baseball, REGISTER NOW.  From there and based on registrations we will come together to formulate a season(s).  This could include multiple divisions (for example our normal 12-15 and 16-18), double headers or a hybrid.  We know there are kids being displaced whether be it through the possible cancellation or severe condensing of their high school season or as a displaced travel ball player we want to provide everyone an opportunity to play this year.  So my shorter point is, REGISTER NOW and WE WILL FIGURE IT OUT.

While I hope this message sheds a little more light on what we are currently thinking, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments.  Thank you and stay safe.

Kyle McAninch

President MCSLBA

COVID-19 Response

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) weaves itself into every fiber of our life and the communities that we serve we too understand that our little corner of the world is likely to be impacted to.

While we all surly hope that this disruption is temporary we must acknowledge that it is always everyone’s responsibility to protect our players, officers and our communities. With that and in partnership with the City of Bloomington (namely the Parks and Recreation Department) please know that the league is in communication with city representatives and have chosen to follow their lead and guidelines.

What we know today is that the city of Bloomington has postponed all events at the Winslow Sports Complex (and other parks) until April 6th. As of now this timeline doesn’t affect the Spring season (and travel ball), but we all must understand that the story is forever fluid and likely moving forward this postponement will be modified based on newly released state and federal guidelines.

Lastly, the officers are scheduled to meet this Tuesday, March 24th to discuss our options in the event that the season will not go off as originally planned. While it is to early to determine next steps, all options are currently on the table. This could include a modified schedule or complete cancellation. Once we have more clarity, we will share it.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation and trust that we will do everything in our power to provide baseball for our kids and the community. Stay well.

Kyle McAninch
President MCSLBA

Makeups – Wednesday, June 26th

Field 6 @ 5:45 Donovan’s Dinger Swingers vs Millican-Red
Field 5 @ 6:00 Millican Realty-Gray vs Bloomington Elks #446
Field 6 @ 8:00 ISU/The May Agency vs Applebee’s

Concessions @ 5:30-7:45 ISU/The May Agency (OoD: McAninch)
Concessions @ 7:45-10:00 Donovan’s Dinger Swingers (OoD: McAninch)

Makeups – Monday, June 22nd

Field 6 @ 5:45 Donovan’s Dinger Swingers vs Applebee’s
Field 5 @ 6:00 Millican Realty-Gray vs ISU/The May Agency
Field 6 @ 8:00 Millican Realty-Red vs Bloomington Elks #446

Concessions @ 5:30-7:45 Bloom Elks #446 (OoD: Chandler)
Concessions @ 7:45-10:00 Applebee’s (OoD: Chamberlain)

Thank You Sponsors

Thank you to our early sponsors … MILLICAN REALITY, MAY INSURANCE AGENCY and APPLEBEES! We truly appreciate your commitment to our league and our community.

Please support those that support us. We are still looking for a few more sponsors so inquire within.

Makeups and League Tournament Schedule

Makeups for Monday, July 9…
Field 6
5:45: Secretly Group vs UPC
8:00: Applebee’s vs UPC (Resume play)

Field 5
6:00 ISU vs Millican

League Tournament starts Tuesday, July 10…
Field 6
6:00: Seed 4 vs Seed 5

Wednesday, July 11…
Field 6
5:45: Seed 2 vs Seed 3
8:00: Seed 1 vs Winner of Seed 4 and 5

Thursday, July 12…
Field 6
6:00: Wednesday’s Winners

(Official Seeding will take place after this Monday’s makeup games)

Schedule CHANGES and MAKEUPS for week of July 2nd

Monday, July 2…

Field 5
5:45: ISU/The May Agency vs Millican Realty

Field 6
5:45: Applebee’s vs United Presbyterian
8:00: Secret Group vs United Presbyterian

Concession Duty
5:30: Secret Group – OoD: Drahos
7:45: Millican Realty – OoD: Drahos

Thursday, July 5…

Field 5
5:45: United Presbyterian vs ISU/The May Agency
8:00: ISU/The May Agency vs Millican Realty

Field 6
5:45: Millican Realty vs Applebee’s
8:00: Secret Group vs Applebee’s

Concessions Duty
5:45: Secret Group – OoD Corns
8:00: United Presbyterian – OoD McAninch

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