The MCSLBA was created for ballplayers ages 12 to 18 years old who wish to continue or augment their baseball playing experience beyond the age of 12 and experience regulation fields and an overall game that closely resembles “real baseball”.  This league is comprised of the following 2 divisions:

Minor Division (12-15)

The purpose of the Monroe County League 12 & 15 year old Minor Division is to introduce the ballplayer to a regulation field while limiting the age gap leading to a competitive and comfortable environment where the ballplayer can learn or continue to learn the finer nuances of the game (base stealing and pitching).

In addition, the swing player option is open to any BJLBA registered, 12-year-old baseball player. The program is geared for the individual and their family who wish to participate in more baseball than merely the games offered in the Major Division of the BJLBA program. A swing player plays in both the BJLBA Major Division and the MCSLBA Minor Division.

Major Division (16-18)

The purpose of the Monroe County League 16 to 18 year old Major Division is to continue to provide the recreational ballplayer and high school ballplayer alike an opportunity to continue to play the game in a fun and competitive environment.