Players Code of Ethics Pledge

I hereby pledge to provide a positive attitude and be responsible for my participation in Youth Sports by following this Code of Ethics:

1. I will encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, officials and parents at every game and practice.

2. I will attend every practice and game that is reasonably possible and notify my coach if I cannot.

3. I will expect to receive a fair and equal amount of playing time.

4. I will do my very best to listen and learn from my coaches.

5. I will treat my coaches with respect regardless of race, sex, creed or abilities and I will expect to be treated accordingly.

6. I deserve to have fun during my sports experience and will alert parents or coaches if it stops being FUN!

7. I deserve to play in an alcohol, tobacco and drug free environment and expect adults to respect that wish.

8. I will encourage my parents to be involved with my team in some capacity because it is important to me.

9. I will do my very best in school.

10. I will remember that sports are an opportunity to learn and have fun.

Player’s Roles & Responsibilities:

Proper Sports Environment
Players must consider and carefully choose the proper sports environment, including their age and development for participation.

Good Sportsmanship & Respect
Players are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the field. Abusing players, coaches official or fans will not be tolerated. Coaches and parents must be treated with respect in order for the players to earn a mutual respect.

Players must be committed to the sport so that they have good attendance and demonstrate hustle and effort.

Drug Tobacco & Alcohol-Free Environment
Players must be drug, tobacco and alcohol-free.