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Officers and Coaches in Good Standing,

Our annual MCSLBA meeting.  Taking place SUNDAY, October 17 at 8:00pm

Dave Huss will be calling up 2 main items for vote…

•  Our 2021 – 2022 Officer Election (Managers in Good Standing are also able to vote here)

•  Our proposed calendar for the 2021-2022 season (Officer vote and Manager visibility and discussion)

Noting that there is no constitution change(s) up for discussion or vote this year (Manager visibility and discussion)

Unlike some years, nothing special this year around the two items above as they represent “business as usual”.

PS: If you know of anyone interested in joining the officers have them inquire within.

MCSLBA Officers Meeting – October 12th, 2020

Officers and Coaches in Good Standing:

Dave Huss will be calling up 3 main items for vote…

  • Our 2020 – 2021 Officer Election (Managers are able to vote here)
  • Our proposed calendar for the 2020-2021 season (Manager visibility and discussion)
  • And our proposed constitution change(s) (Manager visibility and discussion)

Let me now share with you a few key points on these items…

  • We need more officers
  • The calendar does follow the norm, but I did want to point out that we are going to switch our major division league (16-18) from a normal weekday spring season to more of a fall-like season (still in the spring/summer) where as they would play on Sundays (double-headers etc.) to hopefully gather additional players and alleviate our 1-field sharing issue between, travel, minor division etc.
  • Lastly, our constitution is being changed to accommodate 12-year old players that have been requesting to play on the senior side and do not satisfy the normal “BJLBA swing player” classification.  In addition, we are changing our MCSLBA Tournament Director position into a Travel Ball Director position (with Tom Corns up for vote) which better represents our current league needs.

If you know of anyone interested in: President, Vice-President, Technologist, Umpire-in-Chief, Member-at-Large.