COVID-19 Response – Follow Up 04/14/20

Parents and players, I hope this note finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. As we continue to monitor the situation and as information continues to become available, I want you to know that the officers are working hard to provide you with timely guidance, support and to genuinely share with you exactly what we are thinking (right, wrong or indifferent).

Those thoughts currently are:

• We continue to follow the city’s lead and associated recommendations (shelter in place)

• We our continuing with our suspension of in-person activities – At this time, this mainly affects our travel ball program (Mayhem) which normally would be practicing and preparing for the upcoming tournament trail

• We are currently working on a “modified” calendar of events that has us tentatively starting our player evaluations the week of May 4th with the understanding that we will continue to evaluate this and all dates as we move closer to “normal” activities

• We are looking at possible changes to our league by-laws, rules and/or general baseball etiquette that would help with the transition to our possible new norm (ex. End of game sportsmanship / not shaking hands)

• Registration is open and requires no money down at this time (all new registrations added to a wait-list)

• Discounted Early Bird pricing has now ended with general registration closing soon

• The officers will be meeting (virtual) this Sunday, April 19th to discuss many of the items mentioned and therefore I will likely follow up with additional thoughts next week

As I have stated before we are hopeful to provide baseball for you, your children and the community as a whole but we all understand that we provide just that, baseball. While I believe baseball would be good for the soul right about now, please know no matter our desires (some would same dreams) right now we will not at any time jeopardize the health and well-being of our players or the community as a whole so if we must continue to postpone our program or cancel it in its entirety we without hesitation will do so. BUT for now, we will stay positive and optimistic.

Lastly, as stated above our early-bird registration has ended and general registration is now open. Our last call out was greatly received and acted on with near capacity received already. This is great news as a whole, but could leave you or your child on the outside looking in. With that said, we always try to accept as many registrations as we can, but understand that this year will likely required us to cut off player registration soon. So to give your player their best chance of participation this year, REGISTER NOW!

Again, I do hope that this information sharing is of benefit to you and WELCOME any and all feedback on anything I have spoken to today or before (good, bad or ugly).
Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation and be safe.

Kyle McAninch
President MCSLBA


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