COVID-19 Response

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) weaves itself into every fiber of our life and the communities that we serve we too understand that our little corner of the world is likely to be impacted to.

While we all surly hope that this disruption is temporary we must acknowledge that it is always everyone’s responsibility to protect our players, officers and our communities. With that and in partnership with the City of Bloomington (namely the Parks and Recreation Department) please know that the league is in communication with city representatives and have chosen to follow their lead and guidelines.

What we know today is that the city of Bloomington has postponed all events at the Winslow Sports Complex (and other parks) until April 6th. As of now this timeline doesn’t affect the Spring season (and travel ball), but we all must understand that the story is forever fluid and likely moving forward this postponement will be modified based on newly released state and federal guidelines.

Lastly, the officers are scheduled to meet this Tuesday, March 24th to discuss our options in the event that the season will not go off as originally planned. While it is to early to determine next steps, all options are currently on the table. This could include a modified schedule or complete cancellation. Once we have more clarity, we will share it.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation and trust that we will do everything in our power to provide baseball for our kids and the community. Stay well.

Kyle McAninch
President MCSLBA